Return to Campus Roadmap

UNE Return to Campus summary
UNE Return to Campus summary - Mobile

The University has developed a three-stage plan to return staff, students, accommodation, teaching and research to campus. This return-to-campus roadmap acknowledges government’s planned easing of restrictions and ensures UNE’s campus services, retail outlets and recreational activities remain compliant to such directives.

The University’s detailed 3 stage roadmap can be downloaded here.

Within this plan faculties and directorates will be slowly phased back to the workplace. This measured process ensures that occupancy on campus is contained and increased at manageable levels to ensure controls and support structures are able to respond adequately.

Return to Campus Roadmap Guiding Principles

  1. Always practice good hygiene
  2. Ensure social distancing at all times
  3. Stay at home If you are experiencing flu like symptoms
  4. Protect others and the most vulnerable

Please send any feedback on the return the campus plan to the Return to Campus Team on