Text and images


For teaching purposes, lecturers can copy and communicate literary, dramatic and musical works (but not computer programs) for educational purposes under the educational statutory licence <link to teaching landing page> contained in the Copyright Act.

Such works can also be performed in the classroom setting, for example perform a play or recite a play.

Important: A communication of a text work occurs when material is made available to students online. Communications need to be managed via the University's Reading List Service.


Images such as photographs, cartoons and other artworks copied reliant on the Statutory Licence must be for valid educational purposes, and must include a full reference with each image.

Where images are used in ways that may not be considered educational (for example to enhance the look of the page) one of the following needs to apply:

  • you own copyright and grant the University a non-exclusive right to use it
  • copyright has expired, so the work is out-of-copyright
  • the image has been used under the terms of a Creative Commons licence
  • you have on file permission to use it in this way.

Marking each image can save further investigation — for example one of the following:

Photograph by A. Lecturer used with permission

© UNE 2017

Name of Photographer CC BY-SA.

Supporting documentation should be retained with the unit and made available to the Copyright Office on request.