Open resources

Some public domain and open access websites contain resources such as images and clip art that are royalty-free, or have a creative commons licence. This means you do not need the permission of the copyright owner or reliance on an educational licence to use the material contained in these sites.

Before using material from an internet site, always check that you understand the Terms of Use of material on that site. These are usually found under headings such as 'Copyright', 'Terms of Use', 'About this site' or 'Legals'.

The following sites may be a useful starting point:

  • Creative Commons (CC): Creative commons provides access to licensed media that you can legally share and reuse freely. Under a Creative Commons Licence, the creator retains copyright while allowing others to copy and distribute copyrighted work under the conditions stipulated in the licence. Attribution is the minimum requirement for using resources licenced under Creative Commons.
  • The Smartcopying site, established to provide copyright information for schools and TAFEs has a Creative Commons Information Pack, which is a useful starting point to find out about more about using Creative Commons Licenced resources.

Resources that are freely available online and licenced in a way to support educational use and reuse are sometimes referred to as Open Educational Resources, or OER.  The Library has developed an OER LibGuide that will help you locate these resources.