UNE steps up to coach young people in rural and regional Australia

Published 18 June 2020

In partnership with the National Broadband Network (nbn), the free program traces the startup process from concept to investment over a 100 day window, supported by a team of dedicated coaches.

The 100 Steps2Grow Young Entrepreneurs Program 2020 will be launched on Wednesday 22 July for people aged 15-25 who are seeking opportunities to grow their business skills and find new ways of thinking outside the box.

Director of the Armidale based Smart Region Incubator Dr Lou Conway said that within regional Australia, there is a movement being powered by young people to grow startups or enterprises that can solve local and global needs.

“These tough times of drought, bushfires and COVID closures have combined to mean now it’s time for new ways of thinking, working and creating,” Dr Conway said.

“Research shows that young people in particular have been hit hard by COVID-19 and are at risk of missing out on valuable skills and experience as they commence their working life.

“This invitation is to all young people with the seed of an idea for a business or the desire to build their business skills. With the right team on your side and the tools to make it happen, building a startup now in regional Australia might take us all somewhere unexpected!”

nbn Chief Development Officer, Regional Development and Engagement, Gavin Williams, said he is delighted nbn could support the project.

“Providing mentorship to our young generation to support them into becoming future entrepreneurs and business leaders is a role we value. We look forward to working with all involved,” he said

“We hope this partnership leads to even stronger relationships with these budding entrepreneurs and the University of New England, now and into the future. It’s a great project.”

nbn seeks to serve businesses and support the creation of new digital economy jobs outside major cities to open up opportunities and growth for local economies.

The concept was originally developed by Canadian Entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University, Sean Wise, and has been brought to Australia by the UNE SRI for the first time.

Join us for our UNE SRI information night on Wednesday 24 June at 7.30pm for an introduction to the program, the startup coach and the program. Everyone is welcome to join online – teachers, parents, young people, students or anyone interested in joining or seeking more information. Completion of the program will result in credit for one unit to a UNE program.  


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