Water-wise at UNE

Published 02 September 2019

The University of England’s main campus is located in Armidale, NSW, which is in severe drought.

Since water restrictions were introduced in March 2019, the University has actively worked with its staff, residential students and Armidale Regional Council to improve its water efficiency.

The UNE community's collective efforts have resulted in a 75% reduction in water consumption on the academic campus since March 2019.

Water initiatives underway

*Leak detection and rectification work resulting in savings of over 40,000 litres per day
*Upgrading of fixtures in residential colleges to water efficient models
*Remediation of existing lake on campus to capture runoff from central academic campus and use as a viable source of water for irrigation of sporting facilities
*Delaying the filling of the new pool at Sports UNE until drought conditions ease
*Free shower timers available for staff and students
*Inclusion of water advice in the welcome packages for external students attending intensive schools and staying on campus
*Series of water saving educational materials distributed across campus and colleges
*The establishment of sustainability committee’s for all residential colleges
*Installation of water meters on each college

Water use at UNE continues to be actively monitored, and where possible the University make further reductions.

UNE's proactive measures have ensured minimal disruptions to its campus and residential college activities.