Law academic briefs senate on ivory trade

Published 18 July 2018

The Federal Joint Select Committee on Law Enforcement asked Grant to advise senators on how regulatory, enforcement and police agencies can collaborate most effectively to combat transnational environmental crime of this kind. He spoke about the need for any Australian Government ban on these products, and the response to such crime, to be supported by a semi-permanent taskforce capable of responding in the event of an emergency or seizure.

"It's about how our security, policing, enforcement, regulatory and administrative agencies work together to make sure we're acting in Australia's best interests, playing a role as a good global citizen, and not making Australia vulnerable to becoming a dumping ground for illegal products," Grant said.

Canberra-based Grant has 30 years' experience in regulatory, enforcement and policing roles, and spent more than a decade within the Federal Government's Environment Department working on national and international environmental matters with Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. He was recently appointed the inaugural Academic Liaison to INTERPOL's Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee Advisory Board.

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