UNE earns top student experience ratings for 12th year in a row

Published 28 August 2017

For the 12th year in a row, the University of New England (UNE) has earned the top five-star rating from the Good Universities Guide for the quality of its student experience.

The 2018 Guide also awarded UNE five-star ratings in six other important categories, including Teaching Quality, Student Support, Graduate Employment and Median Graduate Salary.

Within fields of study, the Guide awarded UNE a total of 38 five-star ratings for excellence across these categories.

“UNE has long taken pride in serving the needs of students, and the 2018 Good Universities Guide ratings tell us that we are continuing to consistently excel in this area, which is the fundamental work of a modern university,” said UNE Vice-Chancellor, Professor Annabelle Duncan.

“The ratings also tell us that because of the way UNE educates and supports its students, they go into their careers very well equipped to excel in the race for employment.”

“For instance, the Guide found that UNE business and management graduates are the best paid in the country — just under 90 per cent join the workforce on a starting salary of at least $65,000. Our graduates also fall into the highest category of starting salary for Law and Psychology.”

UNE’s emphasis on supporting students, wherever they are located and whatever their status in life, has been central to the university’s outlook since it became a global pioneer of distance education in 1954.

The Good Universities Guide ratings show that UNE is continuing to provide an exceptional experience for students, whether they study on campus or online.

The five-star rating for “Overall Experience” has now been awarded to UNE for 12 years in a row, a record unmatched by any other Australian public university.

Not coincidentally, UNE keeps its five-star rating for “Teaching Quality” in 2018. This rating has been awarded to the university for 11 of the past 12 years.

Five-star ratings were awarded across three other key measures of student experience: Learner Engagement, Learning Resources, and Student Support.

UNE also helps its student become highly competitive in the world of work, with the Guide awarding five stars for UNE performance in Graduate Employment and Median Graduate Starting salary.

“The Good Universities Guide once again delivers a terrific endorsement of the quality and dedication of UNE staff, and the relevance of the courses they deliver,” Prof. Duncan said.

“We pride ourselves in working with students on a personal level, and meeting them wherever they are in life to help them attain a higher education.”

“We will continue to innovate in education to sustain this approach in a constantly changing world. Our students must constantly adapt to stay on their feet in a dynamic workplace, and we in turn are adapting to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and meaning they need to be successful.”

“Education has always been an important and rewarding endeavour. I’m delighted and proud that the people who collectively make up UNE have had their efforts once again thoroughly endorsed by this national survey.”