Taking UNE soil expertise to Europe

Published 24 April 2017

UNE microbiologist Associate Professor Lily Pereg has left for Europe on an extended trip that will see her organising sessions at the European Geoscience Union annual assembly (EGU2017) and negotiating a memorandum with a Spanish university.

A/Prof Pereg’s microbiology career began with marine biology, and moved to soils via the study of plant-soil interactions. She is now studying the link between soils and human health, an emerging theme in UNE’s School of Science and Technology.

A/Prof Pereg is an executive editor of the journal SOIL, and won an Endeavour Executive Fellowship to travel to Vienna as an organiser of sessions at at EGU2017, in particular a conference session on “Soil and Human Health”.

The links between soil and human health, and the key role that microorganisms play in transporting soil nutrients to plants, and thus to animals and humans, is a growing area of research. In the latter part of her trip she will visit the Miguel Hernández University of Elche to work on a memorandum of understanding around research linkages between UNE and the Spanish institution.