Autumn Graduation makes for special family gathering

Published 30 March 2017

The University of New England’s Autumn Graduation promises to be a memorable occasion for a Canberra family who are all travelling to Armidale for the event.

The MacCulloch women have claimed UNE as their university of choice and on Saturday 8 April Louise MacCulloch, 77, will be presented with a Masters of Arts award.

Louise MacCullochIn the crowd supporting the graduands will be her daughter Jane MacCulloch who graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2014, and granddaughter Eshra MacCulloch who is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

“All my family members share a significant pride in our university experience, and hope our family story is an encouragement to others to consider the benefits offered by UNE,” Louise said.

Louise decided to return to study after retiring as she wanted to uphold intellectual stimulation and cognitive experiences.

“I chose to study a MA so that I could select subjects from different schools. This gave me the flexibility to study history, economics and some politics. This flexibility, together with great support from teaching staff, made my UNE experience an outstanding one.”

The first Autumn Graduation ceremony takes place on UNE’s Armidale campus and over the course of the next two weekends more than 1,700 students will be awarded their testamurs.

On Friday 31 March students in Science, Health and Medicine will gather to receive their awards. They will also be addressed by a inspirational Occasional Address speaker, UNE alumnus Sharna Bennett

Sharna graduated from UNE’s Joint Medical Program in 2015 and is passionate about rural health. She is currently working as a junior doctor at Hervey Bay Hospital and describes herself as your everyday typical working mother, continuously balancing her time between her family, the community and her career. Sharna speech will focus on the challenges and adversities that she had to overcome to complete her studies and achieve her goals, and includes work-life balancing tips.

The Education awards will be presented on Saturday 1 April with Armidale local and principal of the Presbyterian Ladies College, Mrs Nicola Taylor presenting the Occasional Address.

The Law and Business awards will take place on Friday 7 April with Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum presenting the Occasional Address. Prof. McCallum has a large footprint in law and was the first totally blind person to have been appointed to a full professorship in any field at any university in Australia or New Zealand

The Arts; Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences; as well as the Humanities awards will be awarded the following Saturday. Ms Elizabeth Rogers, CEO of Regional Arts NSW is the Occasional Address speaker.

UPDATE: Sharna Bennett is unable to travel down to Armidale because of the flooding. Vice-Chancellor and CEO of UNE, Professor Annabelle Duncan, will deliver the Occasional Address at the Science, Health and Medicine Graduation Ceremony (31 March 2017).