Tree renewal at CB Newling campus

Published 24 June 2016

The health of fifteen trees lining the drive of CB Newling campus has deteriorated to such an extent that the University of New England must act pro-actively to ensure the safety of all who access the grounds on a daily basis.

UNE appointed Arbor specialists, ArborSafe, to assess the health and structure of the existing trees. ArborSafe recommended the removal and replacement of 14 English Elm trees (Ulmus procera) and one English Oak (Quercus robur).

UNE recognises and respects the prominent status and legacy of the Old Teachers College within the community, and will take due care to ensure the historic representation of the gardens are maintained by immediately replacing the removed trees with semi-mature healthy trees similar in species and number.

The Armidale Regional Council endorsed the action and approval to proceed was obtained from the Office of Environment & Heritage/Heritage Division.

As the affected site is listed on the State Heritage Register, an exemption under S57(2) of the Heritage Act 1977 was endorsed for the removal of the trees on the driveway, soil investigation and remediation, and replacing the removed trees with 14 semi-mature English elm trees and one semi-mature English oak.

ArborSafe will manage work to remove the trees, commencing on 4 July 2016, with planting of replacement trees scheduled for 13 July 2016. It is anticipated that final landscape improvements will conclude on 19 July 2016.

ArborSafe will monitor the planted trees on three-monthly intervals for the duration of 12 months to ensure successful establishment.

As the main entrance to the campus located off Mossman Street will be closed for this period, motorists are advised to use the rear entrance on Faulkner Street.

Pedestrians are advised to use the pedestrian entrance near East Block as the pedestrian entrance on Faulkner Street will be closed while work is in progress.

UNE apologises for any inconvenience during this period.