Discussion paper proposes new invasive species initiative

Published 10 May 2016

Major institutional reform to support farmers and land managers combat the billion-dollar invasive species problem, has been recommended by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.

The proposals include radical changes to how community-led management practices are funded, and reducing the bureaucracy that often makes the work of farmers and land managers more difficult.

Lead author, Professor Paul Martin from The Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law at UNE says farmers are on the frontline to control the threat.


“It is the people who manage the land or who take action for the environment who are the key, but a lot more has to be done to make it possible for them to do this work. Government must rely on the farming community to control invasive species,” Prof Martin said.

The proposals include clarifying the accountabilities of both communities and government to implement new legal duties to control invasive species, innovative ideas in funding, streamlining administration, more sophisticated approaches to managing human behaviour and enhanced public communications.

The report recommends a strategy coordinated by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), akin to the National Water Initiative, the CEO of the Invasive Animals CRC, Mr Andreas Glanznig said.

“Australian governments have made landholder responsibility a central plank of invasive species management, but for this to work we need to establish a new partnership with government.”

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The papers were released on 10 May and are available via PestSmart Connect at:

For more information or for interview, please contact the following:

Professor Paul Martin: 0416 015 161 or pmartin9@une.edu.au.

Andreas Glanznig: Please contact via Ian McDonald, Communications Manager, IA CRC, on 02 6201 2890 or ian.mcdonald@invasiveanimals.com