Professor wins national award in spatial information

Published 30 November 2015
Prof David Lamb receives CRCSI award from Prof Graeme Wright

Prof David Lamb (left) receives CRCSI award from Prof Graeme Wright

The University of New England’s Professor David Lamb received the 2015 Research Excellence Award at the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Spatial Information annual awards ceremony in Melbourne last week.

Prof Lamb is chief researcher of the Precision Agriculture Research Group (PARG) in the School of Science and Technology, who specialises in applied optics and sensors for farming use.

He received the coveted award for his leadership in improving water and fertiliser efficiency and effectiveness, and in developing biomass sensor technology.

Prof Lamb and his team have been pivotal in building UNE’s international reputation in agriculture and farming research into practical farming solutions using remote technologies, as well as optical fibre and satellite communication.

“I am supremely grateful for this recognition,” Prof Lamb said.

“Lots of hard work has gone into establishing precision agriculture research at UNE. Its success is owed the dedicated team of researchers in PARG and this award is an acknowledgement to all of us.”

Prof Lamb’s Research Excellence Award caps off an impressive year for the PARG team, which was central to last May’s opening of the multimillion-dollar UNE SMART Farm facility, used for research and development, industry engagement and educational outreach.

“With the government’s commitment to enhancing the collaborative research between universities and industry, UNE’s long track record of industry-led research and engagement, especially in precision agriculture places it in an excellent position to thrive in the new age of research in Australia,” Prof Lamb added.