New ‘apps’ lead the way for UNE’s Business Challenge

Published 02 December 2015

Australia’s entrepreneurs of the future have been acknowledged in a recent ceremony for the University of New England Business School Challenge.

Remy Bordignon, William DeDassell and Jock Price from John Paul College, Coffs Harbour won first prize for “Your Tech Mate” – a program where technologically savvy youth address tech-illiteracy amongst older people

The proud team said they will invest their $1,000 prize money in a start-up business to turn their concept into reality.

Business Challenge winners and coaches

Professor Alison Sheridan, UNE Business School; Emily Thomas-Moore; Jessica Chambers from PLC; Jock Price and Will deDassel, John Paul College; Myee Gregory, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand; Jack Pavey Bishop, Druitt College; David Wilson Duval High School; Remy Bordignon, John Paul College; Adrian Wood from Whitehack and Dr Simon Burgess, UNE Business School.

Second place went to Jessica Chambers from Presbyterian Ladies College, Armidale for her app Beverage Bump. The app allows customers to avoid queues by pre-ordering their drinks or food items, and streamlines sales by remembering regulars preferred orders.

“It’s no surprise two of the winning entries centre around the development of ‘apps’ to look at social issues. The youth of today are ambitious but they also want to fix problems they may notice in their day to day lives,” said Sally Strelitz, organiser of the Business Challenge.

David Wilson from Duval High School in Armidale and Jack Paveys from Bishop Druitt College, Coffs Harbour won joint third place with their innovative business ideas.

David’s proposal harnesses movement energy, e.g. walking, and convert it into electricity that can be used to charge electronic devices, while Jack’s idea is to recycle plastic water bottles into fence posts, simultaneously addressing a significant pollution problem.

The UNE Business School congratulates all contestants on their effort and thanks judges and coaches for their guidance and support in helping students conceptualise their business solutions.