Three-in-a-Row for UNE Engineering

Published 04 November 2015

Date: 5 November


At the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) conference on the 15 October, the University of New England’s Engineering discipline was presented the highly prestigious Special Engineering Excellence Award.

The award recognises the contribution made by UNE’s engineers to the community through innovation, teamwork, ingenuity and creativity.

It is the third major achievement of UNE Engineering this year, following the 2015 Chapman Medal going to UNE’s academics Dr John Moore, Dr Saeed Mahini, Mr Rex Glencross-Grant and Dr Robert Patterson for the best academic journal article – recognised by Adam Marshall MP in the NSW Legislative Assembly on 14 October – and the full accreditation by Engineers Australia of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology at UNE.

These public recognitions of the Engineering discipline are a testament to the tireless work of convenor, Mr Rex Glencross-Grant, and his colleagues in bringing the Engineering degree to the university.

“We are thrilled that all our hard work is finally paying off. We have made some exciting improvements to the degree recently, including upgrading our laboratories to include state-of-the-art geotechnical equipment and new strength testing machines for steel, timber and concrete”, Mr Glencross-Grant said.

“We are also building a very strong track-record with the quality of our graduates, who are obtaining highly respected engineering positions on leaving UNE.”

Mr Glencross-Grant said that the group is currently researching the use of synthetic and natural fibres for strengthening of steel, timber and concrete elements, as well as alternative concrete mixes using recycled waste products and extensive in-service monitoring of structures, particularly timber bridges.

For more information about the Engineering degree or research at UNE, please contact Rex Glencross-Grant on (02) 6773 2668 or