New poultry research and education centre to be based at UNE – Poultry Hub Australia

Published 15 October 2015

Poultry Hub Australia, the transition body arising out of the highly successful Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will be established at University of New England in 2016.poultryHub_CMYK Australia Final

The vital research and education work of the Poultry CRC will continue, with chicken meat and eggs now the largest source of critically needed protein in Australian diets.

Poultry Hub Australia will be a semi-autonomous, national body with authority to manage its own branding, contracting, financial delegation and personnel management.

“Possessing these powers means that PHA will have the flexibility to include both industry organisations and research providers as partners, whilst the link to UNE ensures access to competitive grant leverage for funding it receives,” CEO of Poultry CRC Professor Mingan Choct said.

The CRC’s education program teaches young children, and the general public, about the importance of the poultry industry for the nation’s food basket.

“The Teachers Resource Kit, Poultry in Schools Videos, Poultry Hub website and Chicken Embryo Development animation are just a few examples of our education programs’ outputs,” CRC’s Education Manager Liz Roan said.

The Poultry CRC’s investment in over 70 research projects has attracted talented scientists from across the globe, including more than 25 postdoctoral fellows, raised the profile of the poultry industry and spurred the interest of many young researchers in poultry science.”

Mingan Choct

Professor Mingan Choct

“Ultimately, the poultry industry’s advancement and long term sustainability depends on the calibre of its future leaders and workforce,” Prof Choct added.

Lloyd Thomson, the Poultry CRC’s Commercial Manager & Company Secretary, takes the view that “Poultry Hub Australia will be the first successful transition of an agricultural Cooperative Research Centre because it will be backed by a six billion dollar industry, which fully appreciates the massive value proposition generated by the CRC’s extensive collaborative network.”

“With good will and forward thinking, the industry can easily maintain a transition body that will continue to deliver the educational and research outputs essential for the Australian poultry industry’s long term sustainability,” Prof Choct said.

For further information, please contact Lloyd Thomson, Poultry CRC on 02 6773 2691 or at