Fellowship affords UNE PhD student time to write

Published 20 October 2015

University of New England PhD candidate and highly-acclaimed debut writer, Lynnette Lounsbury, has been awarded a prestigious 2016 Varuna Fellowship for Writing Retreats.

Lynnette Lounsbury

Lynnette Lounsbury

The Second Book Fellowship will entitle Ms Lounsbury to spend two weeks at historic Varuna House in an environment dedicated to sustained writing sessions, support and stimulating conversation with fellow writers.

Ms Lounsbury concedes that it is a constant struggle for her to find time in which to work on her new novel.

“I am so grateful for the award, I struggle to find blocks of time alone to write and the Writer’s House understands the value of this,” Ms Lounsbury said.

“The idea that they saw value in my work and wanted to support it is also a great confidence boost for my current project.”

Following the success of her first novel, Afterworld, Ms Lounsbury is currently working on the second draft of her new novel, a science-fiction project for young adults, and plans to finish it during her stay at the house.

“There is no career without finished manuscripts which is why time to write is the most precious gift anyone can ever give a writer,” Ms Lounsbury said.

In addition to writing young adult science fiction and teaching at Avondale College, Ms Lounsbury is completing a PhD on creative practice work at UNE’s School of Arts. Her thesis explores the engagement of fiction with history.

Varuna annually awards up to 30 Residential Fellowships including four Flagship Fellowships and up to four Second Book Fellowships to successful applicants. The fellowships offer writers independent writing time, accommodation and board at Varuna, the Writer’s House located in the Blue Mountains near Sydney NSW and is highly sought after.