Local business skills under review

Published 17 August 2015

The University of New England’s Business School has developed an online skill survey to determine what factors areneeded to improve business. The survey was launched in partnership with the Armidale Business Chamber and will help determine local business strengths.

The team, led by Brent Gregory from the UNE Business School, are hoping to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of operating in a regional area; what the current regional growth sectors are; and what drives business to grow in Armidale and surrounds.

“Armidale is a fantastic city to live in and improvements in technology are increasingly making it also a great place to operate a business,” Mr Gregory said.

“Through this survey we are hoping to play a role in highlighting existing talent as well as identifying new business opportunities for local businesses.

Head of UNE Business School, Associate Professor Martin Hovey, said the success of the survey is dependent upon business owners completing it and all are invited to participate in the Armidale Business Skills research project.

Information gained from the survey will be shared with stakeholders, the Council, the Chamber, and UNE Business School and will inform business training and education locally.

The survey will take little more than 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed online:


All information will remain confidential, unless permission is specifically given otherwise.

For more information contact:

Brent Gregory on bgregory@une.edu.au or 6773-3578
Philip Thomas on philip.thomas@une.edu.au or 6773-3674
Lou Conway on mconway@une.edu.au or 6773-3919
Derek Baker on derek.baker@une.edu.au or6773-2327