Anger management issues targeted by UNE researchers through online program

Published 15 June 2015

Learning how to control your anger can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and now researchers from the University of New England have launched an online program to tackle the issue.

Associate Professor John Malouff

Associate Professor John Malouff

UNE’s Associate Professor John Malouff says anger is something we all experience in response to difficult or frustrating situations at times, but frequent or intense anger can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

“We are looking for people who would like to trial an online program designed to help reduce problematic anger, which in some cases can increase a person’s risk of heart disease,” A/Prof. Malouff said.

A/Prof. Malouff says previous research shows people can substantially reduce their overall levels of anger, but programs have rarely been tested online.

“Participants will be involved in a program designed to help them think differently about anger-provoking events in their life,” A/Prof. Malouff said.

“They will be asked to read some information and do certain activities for about 90 minutes each week for four weeks.”

A/Prof Malouff is working with co-researchers Dr Jennifer Fletcher and Ms Karen Stafford. The research team created a web site for this study, based on an existing evidence-based program.

“We are hoping that people who participate will experience a reduction in their general anger levels. Also, they will help us to test the online delivery, which could allow programs like this to reach a broader audience in the future,” A/Prof Malouff said.

Participation is confidential and no individual will be identified in any published results. To take part in the program, visit: