UNE researchers search for the key to an exciting life

Published 21 May 2015

Gabriel_Skydiving_(23)Are you tired of being stuck in groundhog day? Do you dream of some excitement in your life?

Researchers from the University of New England are looking for individuals who want more excitement in their everyday life to participate in a new study.

UNE’s Associate Professor John Malouff says previous research shows that positive emotions such as excitement are an important factor in life satisfaction.

“Participants will be involved in an online program designed to increase the level of excitement in their life,” A/Prof. Malouff said.

“They will be asked to take part in recommended activities of their choice for about 90 minutes over each week for four weeks.”

Amongst other things, participants will be encouraged to do something different.

“For instance, a few days ago I played a musical instrument (a harmonica) solo for an audience for the first time in my life. That was highly exciting for me, after long considering myself to have no musical talent. The following day I shaved off my moustache for the first time in decades — I now look like a different person.”

Co-researchers Allison Poole and Tamika Galea have also applied elements of the program to their own lives such as different approaches to work situations.

The program runs for a month and at the end participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide feedback.

“We are hoping that those people who participate will experience an increase in life excitement. Also, they may also contribute to a scientific understanding of ways to increase excitement in everyday life,” A/Prof Malouff said.

No individual will be identified in any publication results.



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