UNE Professor appointed onto National Committees

Published 14 April 2015

There is no greater challenge than ensuring sufficient food for the growing population and securing our soil resource. With Agri-business as the key industry Iain Young 004driving Australia’s economy, the importance of the nations soil resource, and agricultural productivity, have never been more important.

Professor Iain Young has recently been appointed onto two National Committees directly charged by the Federal government to be responsible for the oversight of the development of Primary Industries Research and Development.

Iain was elected Chair of the National Soils Research, Development & Extension Implementation Committee that is developing the new priorities for soil science research, and is examining the efficiency of soils research across the nation. This committee reports directly to DAFF.

Iain will also be a representative for Australian Universities on the Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee that has the job of coordinating all Primary Industry research in Australia.

“The pressures on Australian agriculture will only continue as markets and climates significantly change. This makes the co-ordination of our Primary Industry research vital to the wellbeing of the Nation. Innovation drives success and we have to ensure that funding is available for the development of new ideas leading to new products and processes. These two committees will be at the forefront of developing the framework for Australian agriculture to continue its great success,” professor Young said.