UNE researcher investigates marijuana warnings for packaging

Published 18 February 2015

A researcher from the University of New England is investigating what warnings should be displayed on marijuana packages in countries where it is legalised.

UNE Associate Professor John Malouff said in many countries governments require warnings on tobacco and alcohol products, and he wants marijuana warnings to be considered as it becomes legalised in some areas.

“Marijuana is rapidly becoming legal for medicinal use and most recently for leisure use, with two American states and Uruguay legalising it during this past year.  There is also a current movement in Australia to permit it for medicinal use.”

Assoc. Prof. Malouff says it makes sense for governments that allow the sale of marijuana to require warnings on the packages.

“So far, no government has done that.  So as part of our research we are looking for adults who have used marijuana at least once to complete an anonymous online research questionnaire.”

Participants will be asked to type in their health-related warnings they would suggest for marijuana packages and provide information about their use of the drug, age, sex, education level and country.

The study takes 10 minutes to complete.

Media Interviews:

Associate Professor John Malouff, School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, UNE.

02 6773 3776