UNE’s Brian Denman named Secretary-General of WCCES

Published 08 January 2015
Dr Brian Denman

Dr Brian Denman

A senior academic from the University of New England’s School of Education has been elected Secretary-General of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES).

The WCCES promotes the study of comparative and international education throughout the world, representing more than 40 national, sub-national, regional and language based comparative education societies worldwide.

UNE’s Senior Lecturer in Education, Dr Brian Denman says his recent appointment, as Secretary-General of the WCCES in Spain was a great honour.

“I believe that education is the great equalizer and that (it) can foster greater co-operation while building a foundation of purpose and identity.”

Dr Denman has just returned as a visiting Professor of Comparative Education at Minzu University of China, where he conducted research on improving educational attainments for ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia.

Dr Denman served as the President of the Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (ANZCIES) from 2005 to 2009.