UNE unveils provocative Arthur Boyd selfie

Published 11 April 2014

BOYD A 1490The University of New England today unveiled a distinctive self-portrait of famous Australian artist Arthur Boyd, donated by Dr Lynn Joseph in memory of his nephew, UNE and Earle Page College alumni Andrew Joseph. The artwork is displayed in UNE’s Dixson Library.

UNE Chancellor the Hon. John Watkins said the addition of the Arthur Boyd self-portrait to the University collection would serve as an inspirational influence to UNE students for years to come.

“The artwork itself is significant, not only as a valuable piece by a highly regarded Australian artist, but more-so because it is so revealing about the artist himself,” Mr Watkins said.

“Painted as a self-portrait at a time when Arthur Boyd was questioning his very calling and even his own great talent, it illustrates the lesson that can be drawn from the imagery and from Arthur Boyd’s own life.

“Arthur Boyd emerged from those days of self-doubt and confusion to continue to paint many great artworks and in time, to become recognised as one of Australia’s great artists.

“I hope that displayed here in the Dixson library, the portrait might serve to remind our own students that although we all question ourselves from time to time, we still have a valuable contribution to make to society and to our community.

“I am sure that Andrew Joseph, in whose memory this artwork was given to the University, met with days of confusion and self-doubt.

“Yet the values instilled in him by his own family, and throughout his time here at UNE, all contributed to make him a successful businessman and generous member of our extended community.

“Andrew Joseph was certainly one of those valued alumni who fondly remembered his time at UNE and in particular at Earle Page College.

“Andrew himself actively contributed and donated to the University through an ongoing scholarship trust fund to support University students at Earle Page College. The first scholarship recipient commenced at Earle Page in 2005, the same year sadly, as Andrew passed away.”

The Chancellor said that the gift of this Arthur Boyd self-portrait is in recognition of Andrew’s time at UNE.

“I would like to extend the University’s deepest gratitude to the Joseph family for their ongoing generosity in support of UNE.”