UNE backs ‘Keep it Clever’ campaign

Published 07 April 2014

The University of New England has thrown its support behind a new national campaign to build public awareness of the economic and social benefits universities deliver for Australia through education, research and development.

The new ‘Keep It Clever’ campaign from Universities Australia aims to ensure our country is not left behind in an increasingly competitive global environment.

UNE Vice-Chancellor Professor Annabelle Duncan said universities and in particular regional universities are critical to Australia’s economic prosperity now and into the future.

“As a regional university, UNE has a strong research and teaching focus on issues of regional significance, training people for the productive, professional careers in the bush.

“Regional universities like UNE have a responsibility to the local communities that support us  and address skill shortages. We know for example, that doctors and nurses who train in regional areas are much more likely to return and work in the bush.

“Highly skilled graduates are what our economy needs to prosper as global competition intensifies.

“Universities like UNE play a vital role in providing education, research and innovation to improve the lives and livelihoods of all Australians.”

Professor Duncan said the campaign is a timely reminder of the importance of public investment in university education and research.

Currently, Australia sits in the bottom 20 per cent of advanced economies for public investment in universities. The latest figures show our public investment in tertiary education as a percentage of GDP is ranked 25th out of 30 advanced economies.

To access the campaign and sign a petition and show your support, go to keepitclever.com.au or facebook.com/keepitcleveraus .