Über-amazing individuals changing the world

Published 09 April 2014

Uberpreneurs thumbnailWhat do Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They’re all leaders in their fields, certainly. Without exception, they have amassed huge personal fortunes.

But these extraordinary individuals stand out for more than being simply successful and rich. They are a higher level of entrepreneur. They are game-changers and world-shakers. They are, to borrow the phrase used by the University of New England’s Dr Fiona Wood, überpreneurs.

Überpreneurs is the title of a new book published by Dr Wood together with her colleague Professor Peter Andrews, former Chief Scientist for the State of Queensland. Überpreneurs tracks the lives of thirty-six extraordinary innovators whose vision, drive and achievements have led them to transform not only their particular fields of expertise, but human societies the world over.

Dr Wood defines an überpreneur as an individual with an epic ambition to change the world who sees and seizes opportunities for change, senses the way forward, attracts the necessary resources, and pursues the dream… regardless of the odds.

“The men and women profiled in this book had to meet certain criteria to be included,” Dr Wood explains. “We wanted to focus on the people who are addressing and meeting the grand economic, social and environmental challenges of our times.

“As we explored each member of our ‘übercast’ we found remarkable consistencies in their motives, their characteristics, their tactics and their achievements.

“They all have an epic driving force. They are opportunistic and visionary, innovative yet pragmatic, persuasive and empowering, focussed and confident, resilient and courageous. They are also people who have succeeded in creating massive new capital, be it financial or technological, social or spiritual.

“Ultimately, all of them have transformed the condition of mankind – for the better.”

Find out more here: http://uberpreneurs.com/