School of Arts Research Seminar Series 2014

Published 30 April 2014

A Thankful Heart Grows From Family Responsibility Education, Dr Shi Li, LecturerSHI LI

Only-child generations in China are widely perceived as self-centred and lacking a thankful heart, contributing to moral degeneration and confronting the tradition of filial piety with unprecedented challenges in modern China.

Jean Jacques Rousseau says that “gratitude is a duty which ought to be repaid…” This paper argues that the development of a thankful heart needs enforcement and stems from none other than the sense of responsibility.

Responsibility education in the family is a key solution for the diminishment of self-centredness and for the development of a thankful heart in only-child generations of China.

The paper looks closely at the correlation between a thankful heart and the sense of responsibility through an empirical analysis of the connotations of gratitude and responsibility, and the forming process of the sense of responsibility. The mechanism for gratitude development is elucidated. It is the first time that a study correlates gratitude with enforcement throughout the development of a sense of responsibility.

Thursday 1 May 4.10pm, Arts Lecture Theatre 3, Arts Building E11. Drinks and refreshments to follow until 6pm, LG1

Everyone welcome