New college named… Wright College

Published 24 March 2014

new-collegeThe University of New England Council has acknowledged links to the past and the future with the announcement that UNE’s new state-of-the-art residential complex will again bear the name of Wright College.

More than twenty years on from the demolition of the original five residential blocks known as Wright College, today’s announcement re-establishes the former college at the same location.

UNE Chancellor, The Hon. John Watkins, said the new Wright College would deliver the best combination of modern facilities for current students, linking them to the strong collegiate culture of UNE and the heritage of the historic Wright College.

“UNE aspires to become Australia’s preeminent collegiate university by building on the student experience. The reinstallation of a Wright College is a powerful symbol of UNE’s commitment to maintaining its strong collegiate tradition,” Mr Watkins said.

“The University is extremely proud of the formative lifestyle and experience we provide and the new Wright College will build on those traditions to deliver expanded residential facilities to meet the needs of our on-campus students.

“The new college is a building project for the future – a modern residential complex with a sustainable and environmentally friendly design, offering a range of accommodation options including facilities for disabled students.”

Mr Watkins said the University had plenty of suggestions about potential names for the new college with the ‘Redmen’ – alumni of Wright College – showing strong enthusiasm for reinstalling their old residence.

“The University received more than 30 submissions directly from former Wright College residents in support of the proposal, each highlighting the importance they placed on their own collegiate experience.”

“The former Wright College Association has reformed in anticipation of the new college, and the members are already offering support and leadership for students through involvement in the new Senior Common Room.”

“This means that when our new students move into the new Wright College in April, they will enjoy a ready-made community of support, in addition to the most modern residential facilities on-campus.”