Highlands Science & Engineering Challenge at UNE

Published 25 March 2014

sciengmarchFour hundred school students put their science and engineering skills to the test last week at the University of New England as part of the Highlands Science and Engineering Challenge.

On Tuesday March 18, 200 students from years 5 and 6 representing eight local primary schools took part in the Science and Engineering Discovery Day, with fun, hands-on activities introducing them to the principles of science, engineering and technology.

On Wednesday, 200 high school students took were set challenges including building a hover craft, a catapult and a bridge (which was also spectacularly destroyed at the end!).

The students also worked in teams to optimise electricity distribution, and designed and tested a vehicle to explore Mars.

The Highlands Science and Engineering Challenge is a University of Newcastle initiative which travels all around the state, bringing the wonders of science, technology and engineering to the next generation of experts in these fields.