Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Published 09 March 2014

CCTV 2Without realising it, you are being watched.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) is everywhere – in shops, in the streets, in railway stations, in car parks, even in schools – and its use is expanding. We know that it can be very useful to police in tracking down suspects, identifying the movements of missing persons, and piecing together crimes.

But what about the fact that our every move is being watched, even when we are just going about our daily lives? Your movements may be recorded dozens of times each day without you ever being aware. What does this mean for our private lives, and how far will CCTV go before we are all effectively being watched by Big Brother?

The University of New England is hosting a panel discussion on the pros and cons of CCTV, and what it means to you. The panel will be chaired by Dr Xanthe Mallett, UNE Senior Lecturer in Forensic Criminology. Dr Mallett is a renowned expert, and has presented several television programs, including ‘History Cold Case’, ‘Wanted’ and the new series ‘Coast Australia’.

Panel members include the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, John Chedid, and NSW Police Superintendent Wayne Cox from the Parramatta Local Area Command. Also taking part are CCTV experts Dr Glenn Porter from the University of Western Sydney and Professor Martin Evison from the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom.

This will be a lively discussion about a very real issue in our modern lives.

The event will be held on Monday 24 March at 5pm-6pm at Level 1, 232 Church Street, Parramatta.

The panel discussion will also be streamed live to the Lewis Lecture Theatre at the UNE campus in Armidale.

Please RSVP to parramatta@une.edu.au by Monday 17th March 2014 and indicate which venue you will be attending – Parramatta or Armidale