Working Hard Brings Rewards at UNE

Published 09 October 2013


The Vice-Chancellor Scholars Program is the University’s way of acknowledging both on-campus and off-campus students who have achieved outstanding results with a GPA of 6.7 or above after completing at least four units of study at UNE.

150 students have been notified that they have qualified as Vice-Chancellor Scholars. Each of these students will be invited to attend a reception in their honour in November, and their distinction will be noted on their academic transcript. The students’ names will also be placed on an Honour Roll on the Vice-Chancellor Scholars website.

Vice-Chancellor Scholars can be of any age and at any stage of their degree. Of the first group of recipients, 68 students are studying full time and 82 part-time, while 39 students are on-campus and the remaining 111 study by distance education.

These high-achievers are distributed across all disciplines, including Agriculture, Ancient History, Animal Science, Biology, Biomedical Science, Botany, Business, Chemistry, Classical Languages, Commerce, Computer Science, Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Exercise and Sport Science, GeoScience, Health, History, International History, International Studies, Languages, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physics, Psychology, Rural Science, Social Work, and Zoology.

A GPA of 6.7 is not an easy thing to achieve, and those who have dedicated so much effort to their studies at UNE are to be congratulated.

Vice-Chancellor Scholars will further be entitled to apply for a limited number of Vice-Chancellor Scholars Engagement Awards worth up to $4000, and Academic Development Awards valued at up to $1000.