Renowned Professor of the Ancient Near East to Speak at UNE

Published 01 October 2013

rainbowOn Friday 4 October, renowned archaeologist and Professor of Assyriology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Wayne Horowitz, will be a guest lecturer of the University of New England’s Humanities Research Seminar Series.

Professor Horowitz, an expert in Ancient Near Eastern literature, religion, mythology, science and astronomy, will present a lecture entitled “All About Rainbows: An Ancient Near Eastern view of the Rainbow of the Flood.”

The Biblical flood narrative in Genesis ends with the Rainbow as a sign of God’s divine covenant with the human race never again to bring a flood to destroy mankind. In this lecture, Professor Horowitz will contemplate the significance of the rainbow in the context of Ancient Near Eastern flood narratives and the meaning of the rainbow as an omen from the gods in Ancient Mesopotamian thought.

Professor Horowitz is the author of several books on the Ancient Near East, focusing on subjects such as the Cuneiform Tablets in the Birmingham City Museum, Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography, Cuneiform sources from the land of Israel in ancient times, and Babylonian astronomy.

The lecture will take place at 9:30am on Friday 4 October in Arts Lecture Theatre A3 and will be followed by morning tea. All are very welcome to attend.