A growing role for UNE expertise in South America

Published 26 September 2013

photoThis week the University of New England signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Agricultural Research Institute of Uruguay, INIA.

Mr Walter Ayala, a Regional Director of INIA, visited UNE on Tuesday September 24 to sign the agreement with Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Annabelle Duncan.

INIA are looking to UNE to assist in the training of their research staff, with two INIA staff members already mid-way through their PhDs in animal nutrition at UNE.  There is a strong alignment between INIA’s targets to improve animal nutrition, animal genetics and environmental sustainability and the skills and priorities of UNE’s School of Environmental and Rural Science.

This week’s signing is a further step in the school’s growing role in livestock research within South America.  Recently, strong collaborations in animal genetics have developed between UNE and Argentina and also with Brazil.

In October, UNE’s Professor John Gibson will be in Rio de Janeiro at the invitation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to assist in finding ways of harnessing Brazil’s livestock genetics expertise to accelerate development in Africa.

The School of Environmental and Rural Science already has major projects in the animal sciences in Southeast Asia and in Africa. Together with this new development, the school is well on its way to achieve its international goals embodied in its motto of “save the planet, feed the world.”

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