Understand International Business with free University subject

Published 03 June 2013

International BusinessWhy are some countries poor and some rich? Why are some that are rich in resources still poor in living standards? Why did Australia weather the Global Financial Crisis relatively well when Spain and Greece have not?  uneOpen is offering a free core International Business unit giving participants the tools to answer these questions and more.

In an Australian first, anyone can freely access and study the International Business courseware and ultimately have the option to sit an exam and have their learning accredited toward the University of New England’s world-recognised Masters of Business degree.

UNE Lecturer in Business Dr Tony Ramsay said the open-access courseware would provide anyone with an interest in how the world works with a detailed understanding of the forces at play in today’s globalised international markets.

“Many people have their own views on whether globalisation is a good or bad thing, but relatively few feel able to argue their point in an informed and knowledgeable manner,” Dr Ramsay said.

“Whether you’re a Keynesian social democrat or Friedmanite free marketeer, this unit is about empowering participants to make up their own minds as to the role of regulation and its impact upon international business relations.

“From international institutions – the World Trade Organisation, World Bank and International Monetary Fund to the political and financial imperatives of the European Union, the Asian Century and free trade agreements, we examine the mechanisms and momentums of globalisation.”

Dr Ramsay said he is excited at the opportunities the uneOpen model can afford adults who never had access to a tertiary education.

“I came to tertiary studies at UNE as a mature aged student after years in the building industry – I had felt completely disempowered at school, but then I took the chance to study something interesting and never looked back,” Dr Ramsay said.

“uneOpen’s free courseware format means that anyone can get a taste of tertiary studies, but in a completely flexible format – no deadlines, no timed assignments.

“All participants get the benefit of the information in the course, but down the track, if an individual wants to formalise their studies, they can apply to credit this study toward a UNE Masters of Business program,” Dr Ramsay said.

uneOpen heralds the future of higher education in Australia – offering a more flexible study option for people.

It offers a range of fee-for-service products, alongside the open courseware, letting students choose what academic services they need.  Fee-for-service products will include tutorial support, examinations and ultimately students may choose to have their learning recognised for credit into a UNE degree.