3D movies brought to life in Belgrave Cinema upgrade

Published 03 June 2013

FilmMovie-goers in Armidale are set for an even greater experience later this year when digital technology comes to Belgrave Cinema.

The upgrade to the twin cinemas will begin in the coming months and will include the installation of digital projectors in both auditoriums, with one of those offering 3D technology for the first time.

The cinema’s sound system will also be upgraded to feature enhanced surround sound.

Digital technology provides many opportunities for the Belgrave Cinema to expand current offerings to include 3D movies, live sports broadcasts such as soccer & rugby world cups and other entertainment options such as multiplayer gaming (web-based games with multiple players) on the big screen.

The Belgrave Twin Cinema opened in February 1995 and since that time it has been a wonderful venue for entertaining the Armidale community. 

The cinema currently uses 35mm reel technology which, until 2010, was what nearly all movies distributed and shown in Australia used.  With developments in 3D and digital technology, distributors have increasingly moved to a digital format for the distribution and screening of all movies.