UNE College Redevelopment on track

Published 08 May 2013

Work is set to begin on the University of New England’s new residential college in the coming months. Chief Operating Officer David Cushway said tenders to construct the 220 bed facility were currently being evaluated.

“The new residential college will offer students a fully self-contained residential college experience,” Mr Cushway said.

The colleges are an integral part to UNE, as they accommodate about half of its on-campus students.

 “To ensure we continue to attract students, we need to expand and modernise our college offerings and construction of new college is the first step in that process.”

 The construction of new college is part of the nearly $50 million capital infrastructure spend on the Armidale campus in 2013.   

Robb College has also been earmarked for redevelopment however uncertainty surrounding a heritage application on the building has halted any further work. We have been advised this week (1 May 2013)by the Heritage Council that they will take a further six months to consult with stakeholders, including UNE,  on the project.

“We continue to work with the Heritage Council to resolve this issue and next week at the invitation of the Robb College Alumni, I will meet with the original architect of the building, Michael Dysart, to discuss the proposed redevelopment.   

“Robb College is an important institution at UNE and we are committed to working with stakeholders to find a suitable way forward,” Mr Cushway said.

The new college is expected to open to students in the first half of 2014.