Keeping small business competitive in a global economy

Published 22 May 2013

SEAANZ 2013 ConferenceThe University of New England is supporting a Conference being held in Sydney on 11 – 12 July that will explore how small to medium enterprises must adapt to stay competitive in a global economy.

This will be the 26th Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, and this year’s theme is “Small Business Management in Globally Competitive Markets”.

Small businesses are essential to the national economy, but they must now operate in globally competitive markets, and an environment of continuous technological change and economic uncertainty. Survival depends on working smarter not harder.

UNE Business School’s Associate Professor Bernice Kotey, who is chair of the conference organising committee, said “The Conference is for researchers, educators, small business advisors, government agencies, students and small business managers, who wish to share knowledge, explore ideas and make a difference.”  

Joining an exceptional group of keynote speakers from all levels of government and industry, including state and federal commissioners and ministers of small business, Dr Kotey will chair a session at the Conference exploring the importance of understanding data in the small business sector. 

Without a single definition of a small business or reliable statistics, academics, government agencies and professional are presented with a challenge in understanding the sector’s needs.  The panel session draws together a cross section of experts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Telstra Sensis, the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, plus industry and academe to examine the problem of data collection and management as it relates to small business.

Dr. Kotey leads research in small business at UNE. Her current research projects and supervisions include external equity for small business, micro-finance, human resource management in small business, exit strategies of small firms, and the impact of the operating environment on small business performance. Her research aims at improving management practices and access to resources for small businesses.

For more information on the Conference visit and for more information on the small business research being undertaken by the UNE Business School.