Aspects of Antiquity Lecture to explore 4000 year old tombs

Published 13 February 2013

On Thursday 7 March 2013, at the regular time of 5.30 pm and at the regular venue of The Gallery, Earle Page College, Dr Beth Thompson will speak about a 4000 year-old cemetery cut into the eastern cliffs which border the Nile Valley c. 250 kms south of Cairo. The title of her lecture is ‘The Old Kingdom Tombs at Tehna in Upper Egypt.’ Dr Thompson has been studying Egyptology for 30 years at Macquarie University, and combines this with longstanding formal training in Art.

For several years (2007-11) Dr Thompson has been the Director of the Macquarie University Expedition to Tehna in Upper (ie southern) Egypt. She is now preparing the definitive publication of this work which will begin to appear this year: The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Tehna, vol. I.

Macquarie University is internationally renowned for its Egyptological achievements over the last 30+ years. Two of its specialist staff have visited UNE in years past to give the Museum of Antiquities Maurice Kelly lecture.

The sheer age of Egyptian civilisation, and the continuing unearthing of spectacular finds there makes a lecture on ancient Egypt always a ‘bee to the honey pot’ occasion. Be early if you want a seat! School student are always particularly welcome to the Aspects of Antiquity lectures, the most active series in the University.

The lecture and seminar are free and open to all to attend.