Advisory role to secure our national Soils

Published 31 January 2013

Prof Iain Young, Head of Environmental & Rural Science has been appointed to two new National positions in the area of soil science.  Iain is now a Director of the Soils For Life Board.  Soils for Life is a non-profit non-government organisation, and an Outcomes Australia Program.

 Outcomes Australia’s Soils for Life Program is an environmental organisation with the principal purpose of enhancing the natural environment through the provision of information and education on innovative leading performance in managing Australia’s natural environment, particularly with a focus on the Australian rural landscape. On the Board are members of the farming and banking industries, including Citibank.

 In addition, Iain will shortly take up a position on the national expert advisory panel to assist Sir General Michael Jeffery in his new National Advocate for Soil Health position which will determine the future research and funding of soils in Australia.

 In regard to his recent new roles, Iain stated “It’s a privilege to be asked onto such important national committees. Securing our national Soils are the key resource for the future of Australia, and with cross party support the advisory panel will work hard to ensure that we focus on areas to protect our soils and to increase productivity whilst improving the environment”.