Poultry CRC wins international education award

Published 09 August 2012

Mingan Choct, Chief Executive Officer (Poultry CRC) mchoct@une.eThe Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (Poultry CRC), based at the University of New England, has won the 2012 Education Award of the World’s Poultry Science Association.

Professor Mingan Choct (pictured here), the Chief Executive Officer of the Poultry CRC, accepted the award at the 2012 World’s Poultry Congress in Brazil this week.

“This is poultry’s equivalent of an Olympic gold medal, as it happens once in four years and only one award is given out on education,” Professor Choct said. “As a nation accounting for less than one per cent of global poultry production, we are very honoured and proud to receive this award.”

In addition, a scholarship award worth more than $10,000, recognising the Poultry CRC’s achievements in education, was presented to Professor Choct during the Congress by the Dutch Foundation of Poultry Science.

The Education Program of the Poultry CRC has resulted in a major contribution to poultry-related education and training by targeting university, school, public education, and vocational education and training (VET). It aims to train personnel at all levels, providing vital skills and enthusiasm for the poultry industry – especially here in Australia.

The Poultry CRC’s education activities include the development of resources (including online resources) for each  sector, the funding of undergraduate and postgraduate students, specialist training and industry internships, production of a teachers’ resource kit for Australian schools, and the online poultry-related information portal Poultry Hub (poultryhub.org). Poultry Hub attracts more than 70,000 visitors a month.