Fighting an “invasion” of alien plants and animals

Published 19 July 2012

Fighting an “alien invasion” that costs Australia $7 billion each year was the topic of a recent lecture by Prof Oscar Cacho, an agricultural economist at the University of New England. A video of this lecture is now available online.

“Bio-security is everyone’s business,” says Prof Cacho. “The community has a role to play in protecting Australia’s environment. This includes telling the truth to Customs when returning to Australia from overseas, and reporting noxious weeds.”

Prof Cacho, who has worked at UNE for the last 18 years, gave his inaugural professorial lecture on June 4. Prof Cacho started his professional career as a marine biologist and later became an economist. His career has included being part of a Technical Advisory Group on Control of Invasive Species in the Galapagos Islands, and a visiting expert at the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in Rome.

A streaming video of Prof Cacho’s lecture can be viewed here: