Lecture to reveal ‘three secrets for success’ in weed control

Published 09 May 2012

A free public lecture in Armidale Town Hall on Wednesday 16 May will address the question “Why have weeds survived against our best efforts to control them?”

In his Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Weed Science at the University of New England, Brian Sindel will outline “three secrets for success in controlling weeds”.

Professor Sindel’s lecture, titled “Why weeds: a tale of survival”, will explain why we have weeds and why we need to control them. He will also review the history of weed survival in the Armidale region and its impact on people and agriculture. “Weeds cost the Australian economy a damaging $4 billion a year,” he says.

The lecture will deal with management tactics for local weeds such as serrated tussock, saffron thistle (pictured here) and fireweed.

Professor Sindel has been examining weeds for more than 30 years and has taught at UNE for the past 18 of those years. His work is widely published in scientific journals, and he is recognised as a leading expert in the field. His one-hour lecture, which will draw on the most up-to-date research in discussing weed management tactics, will be of interest to everyone – including, in particular, graziers, agronomists, lifestyle farmers and home gardeners. “Everyone has to deal with weeds,” he says. “They are everyone’s business.”

The lecture will begin at 6.30 pm. Drinks and canapés will be provided in the Town Hall foyer after the lecture, when Professor Sindel will offer his expertise to help members of the audience identify weeds that may be lurking in their garden.

To help with catering arrangements, please e-mail the organisers at events.pr@une.edu.au by Tuesday 15 May if you are intending to go to the lecture.