Chancellor talks technology at Mary White College dinner

Published 02 May 2012

The University of New England’s Chancellor, Richard Torbay, used his keynote address at Mary White College’s 49th Annual Chancellor’s Dinner to discuss the impact of rapidly changing online technologies on higher education.

The gala event at Mary White last Friday (27 April) recognised the academic success – as well as service to the community – of Mary White residents.

Mr Torbay told the staff and students at the event that advances in online technology had changed the way in which UNE delivered its courses.  “The use of online technologies and social media are second nature to most students, and they expect that their courses will incorporate up-to-date online offerings,” he said. “For example, in our medical school, all first-year students have been issued with iPads for their coursework and students use video links to participate in medical simulations at the University of California, Irvine.

“In the months ahead, UNE hopes to utilise online technologies to remotely manage farms, deliver health care in retirement villages, and deliver numeracy and literacy programs into homes.”

Mr Torbay said that the possibilities presented by new social media were far-reaching. “For instance, this was demonstrated at the dinner when I ‘tweeted’ about the event and was contacted via ‘twitter’ by students in the room,” he said.

Mr Torbay said the annual Chancellor’s dinner was about recognising and celebrating the hard work of Mary White residents.

The Head of Mary White College, Trent Pohlmann, said that three students – Myles  Kwa, Ali Morrison and Nikola Beilby – were  recipients of the Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence. “Myles, Ali and Nikola are worthy recipients of the award and have worked hard to achieve their academic results,” Mr Pohlmann said.  “Cara Kajewski, a medical student, has also been recognised, with a Senior Common Room Scholarship for her efforts that included volunteering during the Queensland floods.”

Mr Torbay congratulated Myles, Ali, Nikola and Cara on their achievement.  “These students are role models for the College and the community,” he said, “and follow in the footsteps of many outstanding Mary White alumni including Dame Bridget Ogilvie AC and the Mayor of Albury, Alice Glachan.”