SportUNE to lead Creeklands tree-planting activity

Published 05 December 2011

plantingSportUNE will help the “greening” of the Armidale Creeklands by sponsoring the Urban Biodiversity Eco Creek Project.

SportUNE has invited its members, and members of the Armidale community, to contribute to the development of vegetation in the Creeklands by joining it in planting trees from 4 pm this Friday, December the 9th, near the bike path off Niagara Street (between Donnelly and Erskine Streets).

The project aims to rejuvenate the Creeklands and provide a habitat for local fauna while raising awareness of the unique plant species in the region.

Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora), a local tree well adapted to the Armidale region, will be planted.

“The Armidale community is a big part of SportUNE,” said the Executive Director of SportUNE, David Schmude. “This is a great initiative: it’s important to sustain the native Australian landscape, and a good place to start is in our own backyard.”

The High Country Urban Biodiversity (HiCUB) Project began in 2008. It aims to improve the condition of urban riparian and bushland areas through the engagement and collaboration of council and community groups.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the tree-planting activity. Refreshments, sunscreen, first-aid equipment and tools will be supplied.

For more information, phone SportUNE on 6773 3856.