‘Transcultural violin’ performances will be food for reflection

Published 17 November 2011

kerrywatsonThe violin performer and composer Kerry Watson will play in two concerts in Sydney this week as part of her work towards a PhD degree at the University of New England.

Kerry (pictured here) is turning her passion for Celtic, Gypsy and Sundanese music into a “creative practice” research project, in which a recording of one of the Sydney concerts will be included (along with other concert recordings, a composition portfolio, a CD and a written exegesis) in the documentation of her doctoral project, titled The Transcultural Violin: Processes and Concepts in Present-Day Intercultural Music Performance. “My focus is on aspects of playing the violin and composing for it within an intercultural performance context,” she explained.

The concerts, evoking the contemporary sound world of West Java and Bali, are in collaboration with the Macquarie University Gamelan Ensemble and the Sydney University Balinese Orchestra. They will include the first performances of compositions by Kerry Watson for violin, saxophone and gamelan, in which the saxophonist will be Dr Jennifer Game-Lopata, a music lecturer at UNE.

The concert this evening (the one to  be recorded) will be at 6 pm on the Macquarie University campus, and the concert on Saturday 19 November (the one in which the Sydney University Balinese Orchestra will participate) will be at 6.30 pm in the Old Darlington School on the University of Sydney campus.

The Macquarie University Gamelan Ensemble was established by Dr Andrew Alter at the beginning of 2011 when he moved to Macquarie from UNE. “The concerts build on UNE’s traditional strengths in gamelan performance, and the Ensemble will be using instruments borrowed from UNE,” Dr Alter said.