First screening of social documentary filmed this year in Nepal

Published 08 November 2011

myeegA documentary film about the community development work of the Australian Sarah Taylor in Nepal will be screened publicly for the first time this Friday evening, the 11th of November, at the University of New England.

Myee Gregory (pictured here), who made the film while travelling with Sarah Taylor in Nepal earlier this year, is a student at UNE. The making of the 20-minute documentary, titled The High Road, was part of her Honours degree program in Media and Communications.

“The documentary explores the themes of women’s empowerment, community development, and ethical consumerism by focusing on women’s groups in remote areas of Nepal,” Myee said.

She explained that Sarah Taylor, who comes from the New England village of Kentucky, had established her business White Circles Global Training in 2009 to support women and communities in Nepal. “This is achieved through teaching village women how to make products that are then sold in Australia to financially support education in the village,” she said. “At present, Sarah and the women of Nangi Village make journals and other paper products. The documentary follows Sarah’s attempts to expand the business into other villages in Nepal.”

“We had the opportunity to experience how people in Nepal live, which made me really appreciate the basic comforts we take for granted in Australia – such as as water, electricity and mattresses,” Myee said.

“I’m lucky that UNE has given me the opportunity to complete an Honours project that has the potential to make underprivileged people’s lives better, and I must thank Sarah for letting me base my documentary on her and White Circles,” she continued.  “The response to the documentary so far has been incredible; I’m really grateful to the Armidale and University communities for their support.”

“I’m excited to be involved in these community development projects that are run by inspirational Nepalis,” Sarah Taylor said. “I think it’s important to educate Australians about what can be generated from our behaviour as consumers, and this documentary could play an important role in that. It’s a perfect way to connect people to something they may not otherwise consider.”

Everyone is invited to attend the screening of The High Road, which will be in UNE’s Lewis Lecture Theatre at 7 pm on Friday.

Background information on the making of the documentary is available on Myee’s blog at: and on Facebook at: