UNE graduates add drama to SLEX

Published 11 October 2011

ibsen_enemyAs part of the 2011 New England Sustainable Living Expo, Felt Tip Theatre Company will be staging a rehearsed reading of Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People for one night only.

Ibsen’s play, set in a coastal town in southern Norway in the 19th century, may seem removed from present day Armidale, but organiser and Felt Tip co-director Chris Curcuruto said: “The play is as relevant and moving today as it was when first written in 1882. Its themes, character and story still make for a great night of theatre.”

Fellow company co-director Alex Robson said: “The play is based upon a small community’s sometime narrow-minded and fickle attitude towards change, and the difficulties of attaining environmental sustainability. I could think of no more appropriate a piece of theatre for SLEX than this.”

As a rehearsed reading, actors will have scripts in hand, and there will not be the sets, props and costumes one might expect in a fully-fledged production. However, organisers promise that the audience will not be left unengaged or uninterested, as the actors staging the reading are personalities from across the local theatre scene: Alex Robson, Emma Buzo, Pam Menzies, Laszlo Szabo, and Christopher and Judith Ross-Smith.

Felt Tip Theatre Company was founded by two University of New England graduates in Theatre Studies, Christopher Curcuruto and Alex Robson, in early 2011. Their vision is to perform in regional theatres, town halls and school auditoriums – wherever there is an interest in the performing arts – as well as staging regular productions in Armidale.

The performance will be held at The Hoskins Centre, TAS, on Saturday, October 22. The doors will be open at 6:30 PM, and live music will be provided, as well as a bar selling light and alcoholic refreshments, before and after the performance. Patrons are encouraged to arrive early and to stay late. Tickets are $10 and available through Hoskins. For further enquiries, please contact Hoskins, or the organisers at felttiptheatrecompany@gmail.com.