College students to compete in entertaining UNE quiz

Published 05 October 2011

brainStudents from the residential colleges at the University of New England will entertain members of the University and Armidale communities when they compete in the inaugural Intercollegiate Quiz Challenge (IQ Challenge) on Monday 10 October.

The IQ Challenge, in UNE’s Lazenby Hall at 6.30 pm, will be adjudicated by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jim Barber, and marked by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Annabelle Duncan, and Dr Jack Hobbs from the University Council. All community members are invited to join the audience for the Challenge, which is expected to end at about 8.30 pm.

“The friendly contests of the IQ Challenge will develop relationships between the residential and academic communities at UNE, with the questions being supplied by each of the University’s academic Schools,” said the organiser of the event, Myee Gregory, a Senior Academic Mentor at Earle Page College.

“The Challenge will also contribute to students’ ‘UNE experience’ by extending the interaction between the residential colleges themselves,” she said. “The colleges already participate in intercollegiate cultural and sporting competitions.”

Each of the colleges – eight in all, including Wright Village – will submit a team of six students who will compete in the academic rounds, and a team of six who will compete in activity-based rounds. Also competing in the academic rounds will be a team comprising a Senior Common Room representative from each college.

“The support I’ve received in getting this event started has been fantastic,” Ms Gregory said. “It’s great to see so many people at the University excited by the initiative.”

“The residential system is a major asset of UNE, and I hope the IQ Challenge can contribute to the residents’ experience of university life,’ she said. “As UNE is an academic institution, it just made sense to have an intercollegiate academic competition here to go along with our intercollegiate cultural and sporting competitions.”