School students invited to apply for summer scholarships

Published 10 June 2011

sue-griegg-blogg-1Staff from the Primary Industries Centre for Science Education (PICSE) Activity Centre at UNE recently completed a series of visits to secondary schools in the New England North West  – and found lively interest from all schools in the scholarships and awards available.

PICSE, a national organisation addressing the shortage of scientists in Australia’s agricultural industries, each year offers 20 Industry Placement Scholarships to students in Years 11 and 12. The scholarships give science students the opportunity to investigate science-based careers in local agricultural industries, and to visit UNE and find out about the University’s degree programs in agricultural science.

The Activity Centre at UNE also offers PICSE’s Science Investigation Awards program for students in Years 7-10. ‘During this event students present to scientists the research project that they have completed for school,’ Science Education Officer Susanna Greig explained. ‘The projects are judged by the scientists, and the winners awarded prizes at the end of an action-packed and activity-filled day.’

‘This year myself and fellow Science Education Officer Carissa Greenwere visited 13 schools, and each school has expressed interest in becoming involved in the program. Registrations are due on the 14th of June, so it will be exciting to see how many schools and students we can get to this year’s event.’

‘The sponsorship for this year’s Science Investigation Awards is already more than twice as much as last year’s,’ Ms Grieg added. ‘This year we have been offered $2,000 in sponsorship, and scientists are already accepting invitations to be judges. Having a great start to the year means the end of the year should also be busy and exciting for PICSE UNE.’