Japanese culture experience to help disaster survivors

Published 11 May 2011

kimonoThe Armidale community will have an opportunity this week to experience the beauty and variety of traditional Japanese culture while helping survivors of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Entry to the University of New England’s annual Japanese Cultural Evening is free, but the Armidale Japanese Association will give all donations it receives on the night, and the proceeds from the sale of Japanese food during the interval, to the Australian Red Cross for the relief of survivors.

The program for the evening, beginning at 6 pm on Friday 13 May, will include musical performances on biwa (“teardrop” lute) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute), a piano and flute recital, song and dance, iai-jutsu (the martial art of sword-drawing), kimono dressing, and origami.

The event, in the UNE Arts Building’s A1 Lecture Theatre, will conclude at about 8.30 pm. The food available at interval will comprise sushi dinner packs and traditional Japanese cakes made by members of the Armidale Japanese Association.

Australian and Japanese students studying at UNE, and musicians, martial artists, and children from the Armidale community – all of whom are committed to sharing their experience and knowledge of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and society – will provide the evening’s entertainment.

For more information, contact Dr Kiyomi Yamada (e-mail: kyamada2@une.edu.au, phone: 6773 3028).