Myee travels to Nepal on film-making assignment

Published 28 April 2011

myeegMyee Gregory is making a documentary film in Nepal as part of her Honours degree program in Media and Communications at the University of New England.

Myee’s short documentary will be about the experiences of the community development worker Sarah Taylor in establishing the White Circles Global Trading project in 2009.

The White Circles Global Trading project promotes community development and women’s entrepreneurship by teaching Nepalese women the skills used in making products that are sold to fund education in their villages. At present, a paper-making project is under way in the remote Nangi village, and White Circles Global Trading will be expanding to include a kite-making project in the Taplejung district.

“It’s exciting that I’m able to do a worthwhile Honours dissertation that will have a positive impact on people’s lives outside of academia,” Myee said. “I’m grateful that UNE enables students to do creative Honours projects like mine. It’s a project I’m really passionate about.

“What has made this project possible was being awarded a Robertson-Cuninghame Honours Scholarship. The availability of scholarships at UNE is what really sets the University apart – giving us, as students, the opportunity to expand on our studies and try different things.”

Myee has left Armidale for Nepal and will be filming there during May.

“At UNE we encourage Media and Communications students at Honours level to extend themselves in study and research, and use a wide variety of media to communicate their findings,” said Myee’s supervisor at UNE, Dr Jeremy Fisher. “Myee’s project in Nepal is an example of this. She’ll be working with print and visual media and communicating her results via social media and YouTube.’

“I’m excited to be involved in these community development projects that are run by inspirational Nepalis,” said Sarah Taylor. “I think it’s incredibly important to educate Australians about what exactly can be generated from our consumer behaviours, and this documentary could play an important role in that. It’s a perfect way to connect people to something they may not otherwise consider.”

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THE PHOTOGRAPH displayed here shows Myee Gregory preparing for her film-making project.